We asked our members to answer a few questions about their experience singing with The Northwest Firelight Chorale.  Here’s what they had to say!

“In The Northwest Firelight Chorale I feel that I am known and that my gifts are valued. Deeji chooses music and assigns parts with the individual voices of her singers in mind, and I’m learning more about music and about my own voice than I ever have before; it’s a thrill! But I also love that, at the end of a 2-1/2-hour Wednesday evening practice, I don’t even feel all that tired: I feel good; I feel like I could keep on going; I kind of wish we would. I go home feeling filled up. Singing with this choir feeds my spirit.”  —Christina Bogar

“I love how happy I feel when I am singing with the choir- everything else disappears during choir!  I also really value and enjoy the ‘voice lessons’ I get with each rehearsal.  My voice and performance skills have really improved.  Singing with The Northwest Firelight Chorale has given this busy mom the time for myself that I really need- it’s not work, it’s pure joy.”  —Suzy M.

“While I love the variety of music that we sing, the thing I enjoy MOST about The Northwest Firelight Chorale is the emphasis on community – both building a community within the choir AND reaching out to get involved in the greater community around us.  Bringing the gift of music to other groups… were highlights of our past year.  Joining other singing groups is another way The Northwest Firelight Chorale works to build community.”  —Mimi A.


“Deeji and Bob, our energetic leaders, form the center of an incredibly fulfilling community of diverse people.  I’ve never sung with a group that fosters such close relationships, encourages silliness and play, and still achieves such a professional  sound.  Some of us have a lot of experience, some have hardly any, and somehow Deeji’s magic transforms us into something truly greater than the sum of our parts.  Like most people, I’m almost too busy with work, family, and home, but SCOL is like therapy to me … it’s MY time.  Participation in this choir gives me the opportunity to learn and grow as a musician and singer, in an incredibly fun, safe atmosphere I’ve found nowhere else.”  —Marc V.K.

“I love the sense of fellowship and community; I love Deeji’s goofy sense of play combined with her incredibly high level of professionalism and competence; I love being taught to really “perform” rather than just “sing.” I love the opportunity to do smaller groups and not just sing as part of the larger choir. I love the fact that Deeji really works to make each of us a better singer and performer, whatever that might mean to each of us. For some of us, it means overcoming our fear of singing a solo. For some of us, it means learning vocal techniques- -many of us have sung for years, but have never had voice lessons, so much of what she teaches in the weekly practices about using our voices is new to us. Despite the size of the choir, Deeji gives you a sense that you are an important member, and that she cares about your individual development as a musician.”  —Sarah S.

  • [What brings me back every week?]  “The free beer!  No really, it just feels good to sing with talented people who are embracing and supportive… I  have had my share of teachers, but I have never experienced the openness of our director Deeji who goes out of her way to inspire, and move people to be the best that they can be.  She is driven to excellence and is able to draw this out of us all.”  —Charles Z.    [ed. note: We do not actually offer free beer at rehearsals, sorry!]
  • “I love the sense of connection I have with my fellow choir members and with our audiences. I love the energetic, powerful pieces we sing. I love that we’re serious about the music but don’t take ourselves too seriously! The combination of good music, great people, an incredible director, a sense of purpose and community– it all adds up to the inimitable Northwest Firelight Chorale.”  —Ashley H.
  • “The people…the music…Deeji! I’ve often said this is the only time each week I really breathe, and it makes me feel happy and grounded. Deeji has such a lovely way of getting us to stretch outside of our known limits and to enjoy the journey!”  —Suzanne Harrison
  • “When I first joined the choir, I didn’t really know many people in the Seattle area, so my favorite part of the choir was having the “instant community” and the chance to develop relationships with other people.  Every week, I get the opportunity to decompress from the rest of my life and to stretch in completely different ways. It keeps me well rounded and helps to keep other parts of my soul alive.”“  —Maurene P.

  • “I love the joyful community that we create and the way that we inspire and uplift our audiences.  It’s really a wonderful experience.  I feel thoroughly appreciated and acknowledged and I feel like I’m making a difference.”  —Andy L.

  • “The sparkling love.  If your day has been crummy, the choir will bring you back.  If you’re flying high, the choir will take you higher.  This choir really lives up to its name – and its mission.  Lovely, lovely people – lovely to sing with.”  —Faye B. Summers
  • “I know that our director, Deeji, will choose fabulous music and bring out the best in us– and we’ll have fun too.  It’s hard work at times but our performances are something to really be proud of.”  —Faith S.

  • “In nearly 30 years (yikes!) of choral singing, it’s probably the only group in which I’ve always looked forward to rehearsals.”  —Bill A.
  • “As a new member, I felt welcome and valued.  Everyone is so friendly and I love making music with this group!”  —Matt D.M.
  • “I am really glad to be a part of such an amazing choir with a sparkling personality and welcoming disposition once more.  I think Deeji is a terrific director and a lot of fun to work with and watch conduct.  I feel more relaxed with this choir because everyone is very open and welcoming.  This choir doesn’t make you feel like just a face in a sea of people…. I like that you have the chance to meet people and make friends with people of all walks of life.”  —Elissa Cortright

  • “The [former] name ‘Sparkling Choir of Love’ may be partly tongue-in-cheek – but it’s also partly real. This is definitely the most inclusive group I have ever had the privilege of singing with.”  —Chris

  • “The choir’s performances are so full of positive energy – it’s rewarding to see how our music touches the hearts of our audiences!”  —Carol B.