The following are excerpts from letters responding to The Northwest Firelight Chorale performances:

♦ “I very much enjoyed the performance of the choir at the recent Volunteer Celebration at the Seattle Public Library. The music was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for making me feel special.”

♦ “That choir is fabulous. I would say the most impressive I’ve heard in 20 years of leading tours.”

♦ “[The concert] was terrific. Your voices were so beautiful—so engaging, but I must say that I was most taken with the way the music seemed to exude from your bodies as well. The whole choir just seemed infused with the glorious music—amazing!”

♦ “I was deeply touched by the music of your choir.”

♦ “Stunning. The choir is a conduit of the Spirit’s inner work.”

♦ “I hope you are all still riding high from yesterday’s performance! The choir sounded SOO FANTASTIC!! And thank-you for the expressive faces. I don’t know if you realize how much that added. What amazing energy you all gave to that service. All the soloists gave their all to their solos and they couldn’t have been better. I’m also aware of the extra energy everyone put into memorizing and what a difference it made in  the performance. Nothing in-between your hearts and voices, and the audiences hearts and ears….The Good Friday service was soul-stirring and beautiful. Your singing brought a full, rich intensity to the Taizé chants. I loved hearing you all with the cello also. What a perfect instrument to match the warm sound of the choir!”

♦ “This has to be one of the most fun, cheering medleys I’ve ever seen! What a joy to be able to see this even if I couldn’t be there!  Thank you.  Sharing to everyone I know!”

♦ “I loved the concert. You’re an amazing talent and transmitter of joy. I expect to attend all concerts you produce, especially if they are sacred or ecstatic in any way.  Your director’s musicology is astounding and the stagecraft = amazing.”

♦ “How grateful I am to be a part of the audience again and again.  I haven’t missed a concert yet – though it sometimes looks like I won’t be able to make one, it always works out that I do!  It’s healing for me.  To hear you say “love and healing” and then experience both are astounding.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.”

♦ “I cried, it was beautiful and reminded me of my childhood, e.g. Red River Valley, and my loved ones. Thank you.”

♦ “It’s amazing and wonderful to hear music in such a raw form. With today’s music, it’s special when you hear music live…it gave me shivers. Thank you.”

♦ “Very physical response:  I actually shivered.  I cried.  It’s only intermission!  The concert was much fun! And the singing magnificent! Thank you!”

♦ “Great variety! High quality. Loved the ensembles. I happen to love folk songs, so it was right up my alley. Great spirit, sounded good, very entertaining. Will recommend!”